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@mire 3D Dental will support you no matter what level your laboratory is involved with digital systems. If you have no wish to scan, we do the work for you.  For the laboratory new to the digital arena, we can offer scan and design services with a seamless design approval process. Supporting multiple scan and CAD systems, we help our friends in business select and monetize the best options for their budget and business model. For, the established digital laboratory with an “open CAD system,” @mire 3D Dental provides access to a full-service laboratory portfolio of restorative options. We offer a full selection of implant components and restorative materials.



@mire 3D Dental milling centre utilises state of the art CAD/CAM technology including scanners and milling machines. With two systems in-house, (LAVA – Using Dental Wings Software) and In-House Ceramill by Amann Girrbach (Using Exocad). Our software module opens the way for open scan (3Shape®; Dental Wings®; or any other unencrypted STL file system). We offer greater accuracy without any boundaries in production: from implant full contour abutment, zirconia crowns, bridges made out of high strength or high translucency cores. @mire uses world renowned zirconia designed under the supervision of our experts with special care given to your requests and specifications, our zirconia restorations will exceed your and your patients’ expectations.


Offer assistance on CAD/CAM design work flow.

We Mill




Copings, Crown & Bridgework


Monolithic Crowns




Full Zirconia Copings


High Translucency Copings – IPS eMax, Vita,  etc


Implant abutments (all types)



We Mill:

We Print:

Offer assistance on CAD/CAM design work flow.

At the cutting edge of dental technologies

• Metal

• Hybrids


• Zirconia

• Acrylic


• Wax

• Dentures


• Models

• Impression Trays

• Bite Registration Base


• Bite Blocks

• Surgical drill guides


We are on the home market, with a rapid turnaround time. We work with the laboratory to get the best results possible for all. We offer a range of solutions and will guide the laboratory on difficult cases.


The transition into digital dentistry can be daunting therefore Many Laboratories prefer to sub-contract the digital element to us which works very well.  @mire 3D Dental strives to ensure the implementation is as straightforward as possible for the laboratory. We only use the highest quality materials to ensure we offer the highest quality products at competitive prices.


3D printing – Predictable implant- ‘Plan to Perfect’

Admire 3D Dental Laboratory offers the best software for the planning of implant treatments. Our planning software allows you to implant predictable and is suitable for most common implants systems. Our professional team of dental software specialists for support when planning implant treatments.





Located in Dublin, turnaround time for Copings, Bridgework and Implant milling is 3 working days. Express option is also available.

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