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Crowns and Bridges

Lava™ Crowns and Bridges from 3M ESPE is a market leading brand in CAD/CAM-producing zirconia dental restorations.


With Lava\'s precise fit, proven strength and natural aesthetics, Lava Crown, Bridges, Implants and DVS support quality with outstanding aesthetics Lava crowns, bridges, implant abutments & new DVS (Digital Veneering System is available for many indications, in particular:

Pioneer of the in-house movement

The precision chain, Plan to Perfect, from the precision chain; Face Bow, Articulation, Model Fabrication to CAD/CAM and many more laboratory products.

We also offer a Amann Girrbach Artex Articulator Calibration service -  for further information please contact us.

Swiss system prosthetics specialist

A superior quality, a unique style, an exclusive feel... there are plenty of reasons to purchase an object from Smile Line.

Swiss system prosthetics specialist

Candulor places great value on meeting patients\' aesthetic and physiological needs. The secret of the success of this concept lies in the symbiosis between retaining what is tried and tested and developing new, high-quality products.

Model preparation and castings

Klasse4 - has been supplying top quality materials for all aspects of model preparation and castings for more than 19 years.

Premium Dental Stones, Model Castings, Silicones, Castings; Sandblasting Pumice and DVA products.

by Willi Geller

For more than 20 years, the name Creation has stood for high-quality and aesthetically superior dental ceramics - whether for anterior and posterior crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, bridges or implants. Creation ceramic lines are extremely reliable in their handling, expressive in their colour effects and brilliant in their results. Long-lasting dental aesthetics? With Creation it is not a matter of chance, but a constant reality.

Swiss system prosthetics specialist

Medesy introduces its high quality syringe completely made in stainless steel and sandblasted.

Swiss system prosthetics specialist

Kenda is an internationally leading manufacturer of high-precision rotating polishing instruments for a wide range of applications in dentistry and dental laboratories. This top position in the world market will be even more reinforced by Unicus, the latest generation of polishers by Kenda.

Swiss system prosthetics specialist

Manufacturers of rotary instruments for dental, medical, jewellery and industry.

Produce first class dental alginates

DFS-Diamon is a manufacturer of dental rotary instruments and consumables for clinical and lab use based in Germany. Our focus is on product development and manufacturing of superb product quality at highly competitive prices. We have several unique and innovative instruments in our range, some of them patent-protected.

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First-class quality.

First-class quality, perfect service, skilled employees and, of course, 'Made in Germany' – these criteria have made the WASSERMANN Dental-Machine into one of the world's leading manufacturers of dental laboratory equipment since its foundation in 1927. The results of their efforts are standards which are unique today.

Swiss system prosthetics specialist

The Reitel company’s goal is the development, design and production of high-quality devices for laboratories which offer sophisticated functionality and an ergonomic design, in short: devices for professionals.

Swiss system prosthetics specialist

Serag -Wiessner, a privately owned, group-free medium-sized family . We can look back on a now nearly 150 years of successful company history. Serving the higher end of specialists who only want to work with the best and terminate any risks of professional surgery these days as well as improving and optimising surgical procedures.


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Produce first class dental alginates

A Dutch company with world leading alginates and now offering her economic wide range of products. Cavex Temporary Cement is intended for the cementation of temporary crowns and bridges. Its eugenol-free formulation is designed not to inhibit the polymerization of resin permanent luting cements.

Swiss system prosthetics specialist

Evolon develops, manufactures and markets an innovative production system for cosmetic dentures, utilizing cutting-edge technologies for a result so natural, you\'ll barely know the difference between reality and the evolon product.

specialize in alginate mixers

Motion’s mottos are---“Quality, Responsibility, Safety and Innovation” and our mission is to manufacture dental products of the highest caliber.

We specialize in alginate mixers, LED curing lights, light cure machine, intraoral camera, bleaching machine, curing light meter and also other dental devices and equipment. Motion has the capability to develop, manufacture and market products completely in-house. This allows us to respond to market demands promptly and assure products of the highest quality to be produced, yet the prices remain fair and competitive.


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